How to know your child has normal growth?


What is growth?

Physical growth refers to height and weight rises and other improvements in the body that arise as children age. Hair and teeth do shift. This is all part of the kid's phase of growth.

What is Normal?



We all know that children stop developing at some point. After the first year, their growth rate slows down quite a bit. Average height usually grows around 2½ inches (6 centimetres) each year before puberty. Children don't always grow at the same pace. Many children have multiple growth spurts in a few weeks or months.


Children tend to see a physician at a young age. During the procedure, the doctor will assess your height and weight. This useful tool will assess if the baby is developing at a correct pace or whether there may be problems.


How Parents Can Support



There are some things you can do to ensure that your children grows and develops normally. It is very necessary for kids to stay fit to maintain a healthy life.

1. Children can have a sufficient number of hours of undisturbed sleep. For most children, they require an average of 10 to 12 hours of sleep each night. Sleep provides the body with the rest it requires so that it can develop.

2. Healthy nutrition will provide children with the necessary essential vitamins and minerals.

3. Parents should encourage their kids to exercise so they don't get fat. Although biking, hiking or any other activity that gets kids out can create good health and fitness, it can also help keep them at a healthy weight.


Choose the right formula milk for your kids



Another healthy way to has a normal growth for your kids is to choose the right children formula milk for your child. Although there is indeed a special formula for children who are underweight, it is important for parents to be aware of the downside of such formula as formula milk that is specifically for weight gain often contains high sugar as sugar is one of a common source of calorie in milk. Hence, if parents are to choose these formula milk, they should be extra cautious of the type of sugar in the milk.





Although Karihome is not a special weight gain formula, goat milk by itself has an advantage in helping to gain weight. This is because goat milk is rich in medium-chain fatty acids or medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) that are far more effective than other animal fats in providing energy. The size of goat milk fats is just 1/3 of cow milk fats, so it is easier for the human body to digest and consume such goat milk fat.


Although medium-chain fatty acids or MCT are also used in other special milk formulas for weight gain, the MCT present in Karihome goat milk is unique as it is completely normal. This is important as natural nutrition is often better than added nutrition as it is easier to be digested than non-natural nutrition.

In addition, healthy growth can also be encouraged by Karihome. Goat milk, which is the most essential nutrient for healthy bone development, is rich in natural calcium. While growing the daily calcium intake of your child will not necessarily mean that your child is getting taller, it will definitely ensure that your child meets its maximum growth potential as lack of calcium can delay growth.


 It is worth to note that Karihome is the only scientifically proven goat milk formula in Malaysia that supports children's development. There are 2 clinical trials using the Karihome Goat Milk Formula that indicate a steady weight gain in the results. It is formulated with 13 vitamins and 12 minerals that can fulfil the Malaysian prescribed nutrient intake for children over the age of 1 by drinking 3 cups of Karihome Step 3 Growing up Formula.






Talking to Young Children About Development.



Children grow up with different rates, so this is predicted. Some children are taller or shorter. It is an all-natural occurrence.

One should not compare growth between siblings or other children. Not paying attention to height can make kids feel bad about their height. Encourage your child to recognise his or her own accomplishments. Discuss that it is normal for different children to develop at different speeds.

Teasing allows children who are small to deal with their issues. Helping your child develop their self-esteem. A small boy may not be able to make the football team. Because of this sport, he will be able to feel better about himself and what he can do. Try to consider your child's feelings and keep contact open.

Boosting mood can be achieved by concentrating on something other than height or weight. To be proud of unique talents or attributes that set you apart from others is a positive thing.


If You Think There's a Problem


Some parents worry about their children's growth. It can be comforting to know that most kids with normal development are healthy and normal. Kids that are shorter appear to be from short parents.

If you have questions, speak with your doctor. The doctor will examine your child and ask questions about your family background. Tests can be ordered to determine development. Your child could have further checkups or be referred to a paediatric endocrinologist (a doctor who treats growth disorders).