What are the benefits of goat milk?
  1. High in Natural Bioactive – Goat milk has natural bioactive factors such as nucleotides, taurine and polyamine which help to build up the immune system. Absorption of calcium, iron, copper and zinc is higher in goat milk than cow milk.
  2. It’s easier to digest – Goat milk can be digested about a third of the time faster than cow milk. This is because goat milk forms softer curds, which can be digested more readily, than dense cow curds
  3. Fewer & reduced skin rashes – Some children have been reported to experience itchy skin & rashes after drinking cow milk. Many of these symptoms were resolved when they switched to goat milk.
  4. It improves tummy health – Goat milk can prevent the loss of gastrointestinal tract barrier function. This helps reduce the risk of problems such as vomiting, diarrhea & tummy upsets, & allows children to be more “settled”.