Four ways to support your child's body defense system.




We all want to protect our kids, whether from falls, bumps and bruises or avoidable infections and diseases. It's essential to promote healthy habits and take steps to improve their immune systems from an early age to help your children from getting sick. 


“Common sense is much of what makes the immune system of a child powerful," says paediatrician Adriane Lioudis, MD. If you follow these 4 tips, you will stack the deck for a healthier life in your child's favour."



1. Encourage a healthy diet 




For your child's immune system, a balanced diet is necessary. Encourage your child when it comes to fruits and vegetables, as well as a healthy variety of whole grains to "eat the rainbow." Restrict processed foods. Proper food choices ensure that your child gets enough vitamins required to maintain good health and a healthy immune system, such as Vitamin A and E.


2. Maintain the child's microbiota.




The microbiome is the collection of friendly bacteria that naturally occurs in the guts. Its job is to protect our digestive tracts, digest food, and shield the body from invading bacteria and viruses. Maintaining a healthy microbiome can help a child's ability to fend off infection. To do so, probiotic supplements are needed to help maintain a healthy gut and support immune health. Of course, please speak to your family practitioner before starting your child on regular probiotics, as it can vary based on age.



3. Get plenty of good sleep.




The majority of kids do not get the necessary amount of sleep. A child requires between 10 to 14 hours of sleep a day, depending on their age. For various reasons, sleep is important, and it is absolutely necessary for an immunity boost, a research review published in Physiological Reviews noted that sleep and immunity are related, each influencing the other directly.

And sleep quality matters. Children need to sleep in the dark, without night lights or screens, to secrete melatonin (our sleep hormone) properly. Since screen time can also impact sleep quality, you must ensure that your child's electronic devices are shut down long before the bedtime.


4. Promote regular hand washing





Up to 80 % of infections are spread by contact. After sneezing, coughing and going to the toilet, teach your children to take the time to wash their hands. Washing hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds will kill bacteria and viruses. It also minimises the risk of lung infections by up to 45%.




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