How to Beat the Excessive Body Heat Caused By Dry Snacks This Chinese New Year




Chinese New Year cannot be termed complete without preparing snacks and fruits for family and visitors. It's the most extended holiday in which the most important meal of the year is made. It's considered an auspicious symbol of good wishes for the upcoming year. 

But with all this joy of family reunion comes up with a health concern: increased body heat. The snacks used on Chinese New Year are dehydrated and hot. They are packed with good fat, magnesium, iron, proteins, vitamin B, and fiber which activate oil glands. As a result, more oil secretions cause clogged pores and pimples. It can also cause skin flare up, inflammatory illness and infection.


Some indications of such a condition are sensation in the eyes, constipation, pimple outbreak, ulcers, indigestion, acidity, and rapid heart rates in rare cases.


But it is pretty tricky for you to control your hand.


Therefore, one must consider some remedies that could keep you from being affected by overheating your body. Let's discuss some of those in the subsequent section.


1. Drinking Coconut Water


Coconut water has the natural cooling properties to fight the body's heat caused by a scorching summer or excessive intake of nuts. It cools down the temperature of the body by hydrating the body. In this way, it balances the temperature-generated electrolytes in a very natural way. Using the coconut left-out malai externally on the facial skin also keeps the skin cool. Due to the malai content, coconut water is sweet to drink.


2. Applying and Drinking Aloe Vera Mixture


Aloe vera is also a natural cooling agent. It works in both the internal and external parts of the body. Applying the aloe vera gel on the skin drastically reduces body heat. The best feature of aloe vera is that it is quick in action. Making a mixture of aloe vera gel extract with mint or cucumber will also be a soothing mixture. Drinking this mixture will make your body cool down rapidly.



3. Eat ‘Cooling’ Vegetables


Several vegetables generate a cooling effect. For example, cucumber has a high amount of water content in it. Moreover, it is excessively enriched with fiber that helps relieve constipation, a common aftermath of excessive body heat. Cucumbers can be taken as a salad with any food, but that is not the only way of using this. Small slices of cucumber used on the face soothe the entire face. Since it comprises 90% of water, it also reduces excessive calories in the body.


Onions are also surprisingly a good remedy for excessive body heat. Onions are perfect summer partners when body temperature is always higher than usual. It is rich in quercetin which works as an anti-allergen. Onions can be used in the salad to calm your body if you have eaten excessive nuts.


Mint is also a helpful herb that can be added to any food or drink to lower the body temperature. It reduces body temperature and helps maintain it to a certain level for the future. Adding mint to curd is a great combination that can be taken after taking snacks in the new year.


A very uncommon vegetable that is also comprised of 90% of water is celery. It contains all the essential nutrients that the body needs. It is also a great source of sodium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. The coolness created by celery in your body will be long-lasting.


4. Drink Goat Milk


Milk, or any variant of milk, is primarily a cooling agent. But specifically, goat milk is full of essential nutrients. It has high nutritional level than cow's milk. This cooling agent is a natural option for protein, calcium, and fats. These are some of the reasons for its high consumption all over the planet. Around three glasses of 200 ml of goat milk daily would be enough for a person to get all the essential body requirements. Using goat milk after using snacks would bring positive changes to the body.


It is also recommended to make buttermilk as it contains essential probiotics, minerals, and vitamins. Most importantly, it is easy to intake and tasty as well. You can easily use the buttermilk of a cow or goat twice a day. It will give natural energy while keeping your body cool.


5. Intake of Water-enriched Fruits


Just like vegetables, there are so many fruits that are water-enriched. For example, watermelon is a valuable fruit comprised of 92% water. It prevents the human body from getting dehydrated. It can be consumed regularly, irrespective of any time or routine. Watermelon could be a great cooling agent against dry and hot snakes.


Another good fruit used in this context is fruits from the citrus family. Especially lemon is a great citrus fruit rich in Vitamin C, which helps lower body temperature. It can oxygenate and moisturize your body. It improves energy and gives a fresh feeling to a heated body. It is a homemade electrolyte. Making lemon juice with added salt and sugar in cold or warm water is a quick fix to your body heat.


Some other beneficial water-enriched fruits are strawberries, cantaloupe, pears, and peaches which can also help reduce body temperature. 


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Final Word


Excessive body head can lead to severe health problems and affect your overall performance. Drinking water or a cold bath is the quickest way to reduce body heat. But the long-lasting effects are only possible using one of the ways discussed earlier. If your body stays warm for an undetermined reason and the body doesn't seem to cool down, it may be time to see a doctor. The mentioned strategies and ways should not be opted for by people over 65 years and pregnant women without consulting a doctor.