Malaysia's Premier Immunity-Boosting Goat Milk

In the heart of Malaysia, a product has emerged that's changing the way we perceive milk formulas. Karihome Goat Milk Powder Growing-up Formula Step 3 isn't just another milk product on the shelf; it's a testament to innovation, research, and a deep understanding of what our growing children truly need. As the undisputed No.1 goat milk formula in Malaysia, Karihome has already won the trust of countless parents. But what makes it stand out?


The Power of SN-2 Palmitate: A Natural Immunity Booster

In today's world, with its myriad challenges, ensuring that our children have a robust immune system is paramount. Karihome's Growing-up Formula Step 3 is enriched with the key ingredient SN-2 palmitate. This unique lipid structure is known to promote stronger gut thus boosting our natural immune system, ensuring that our children are not just growing, but thriving. Furthermore, goat milk is rich in nucleotides, the natural antibodies that protects us against viruses and bacteria.


Made with A2 Protein: Gentle Nutrition for Delicate Tummies

Digestive discomfort can be a significant concern for many children. Regular milk proteins can sometimes be hard to digest, leading to discomfort and unease. Karihome's Goat Milk Formula is made with A2 protein which is easier to be digested. Animal milk typically contains to type of protein, A1 and A2 protein. A1 protein is notoriously linked to gastrointestinal discomfort, hence milk rich in A2 protein is naturally more gentle and easier to digest.



Why Karihome Stands Out

While the benefits of SN-2 palmitate and A2 protein are undeniable, what truly sets Karihome's Growing-up Formula Step 3 apart is the brand's commitment to quality. As Malaysia's top goat milk formula, Karihome has consistently delivered products that resonate with parents' innate desire to provide the best for their children. It's not just about ingredients; it's about trust, reliability, and the promise of superior care. With its unique ingredients and the backing of Malaysia's most trusted goat milk brand, parents can rest easy knowing they're making the right choice.